What is wide-format digital printing?

Using a variety of digital printers, we can print on a huge range of media and substrates, from small stickers to huge signs, and in photo-realistic quality. Typically, wide-format printing is used to produce posters, stickers, indoor and outdoor banners and signage, pull up banners and A-frames, backlit film and lightboxes but we can print pretty much anything, so just ask!

What type of material can you print on?

We can print on just about anything including vinyl, poster stock, glass, plastic, aluminium, artist canvas, wood, acrylic (Perspex), coreflute and foamcore, to name only a few. If you have something unusual you’d like to print on, just ask, as we’re always keen to find new products to utilise.

What size can you print?

We can print directly to panels up to 3050x2500x50mm. We can also print on flexible roll materials like self-adhesive vinyl, poster and banner materials up to 2.2m wide and almost any length. We can mount self-adhesive vinyl on any substrate up to 1600mm wide and 20mm thick. If you need something bigger, multiple prints can be installed/applied to produce seamless results at any size.

The high resolution of our printers also ensures accurate reproduction of 4pt type. Coupled with our computer cutting technology, we can produce products of any shape, size and quantity on almost any substrate.

Do you only offer wide-format printing?

Our specialty is wide-format digital printing, but this refers to the capabilities of our printers and does not mean we only print large items.  We have a range of different printers, computer cutters, mounting machines and laminators meaning we can produce a huge range of printed materials.

Through our network of suppliers we can provide all your printing and signage requirements at very competitive rates.

How much will my job cost?

There are a number of factors that will affect the cost of your job: materials, inks and time are the main components. We are keen to win your work and individually quote every job to be price competitive. We also offer different options to suit your needs at various price points. Ask us for a no-obligation quote – you might be surprised!

Do you have a minimum or maximum order size?

At Prologica we believe that no job is too small, or too large. We can print any quantity you require, whether a one-off or a run of thousands.

Will it be cheaper if I order a larger number of prints?

One of the great benefits of digital printing is the minimal set-up costs, ensuring that small runs are cost-effective. However, we do offer discounted rates for larger jobs.

I have a tricky job.  Are you able to help me select the right materials and advise me on how to install the prints?

We pride ourselves on the ability to solve problems and offer the best advice to develop a solution that gives you the best result possible. No matter how big or small the job, the service and advice will always be of the same exceptional standard.

How long will it take for my job to be printed?

Under normal circumstances we have a turnaround of three to four full working days from receipt of print ready artwork.

However, we understand that emergencies arise, and offer an express service for your urgent work, even if we need to extend our operating hours or interrupt our print schedule. Our express service may incur additional charges.

What information do I need to provide when requesting a quote?

We can work with you to choose the most appropriate print process, material and finish options, but the following information will assist us when quoting:

  • Size (width x height)
  • Quantity
  • Material/Substrate preferred
  • End application and required life of product
  • Date required
  • Delivery address
  • Finish (gloss, matte)

How do I contact you for a quote, and when will I receive it?

All quote requests can be emailed to quotes@prologica.com.au and one of our staff will respond within 24 hours (excluding weekends). Alternatively you can call us on 03 9530 4130 if you have a more detailed request or to discuss your options.

What is the maximum resolution you can print?

We offer a number of quality levels up to 1440dpi with variable dot size on our Océ Arizona flatbed depending on your requirements.

What is the lowest resolution my files can be before they look pixelated?

We recommend you do not use images lower than 150dpi at the required output size, however depending on the content of your artwork and the finished size of the print, we have had acceptable results at much lower resolutions than this. 

How do I send my artwork and what format should it be in?

Ideally we would like you to supply a PDF with 5mm bleed and crop marks. All fonts should be outlined and all images embedded. 

Can Prologica design my artwork?

We do not offer any design services in-house, but if you require the services of a graphic designer we can recommend a number of quality freelance designers and studios in Melbourne.

How long will my prints last?

The life of the printing depends on the ink and the media you choose. The results can range from 18 months up to five and possibly 10 years. We will always suggest the best process and materials possible to achieve the lifespan you require.

Can you print white ink?

Yes! Our Océ Arizona flatbed is able to print white and colour all in one pass. Prints can include a total of three layers in any combination of four colour process and white.

Do I have to pay up front or can I get credit approval?

We usually require payment on delivery but offer trading terms for approved customers.